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You ARE Here: Animals | Vertebrates| Reptiles

To search within the taxonomy, please type the desired term into the input box of the systematics search.
Click here or on one of the underlined terms in the list below to search under reptiles.

The modern taxonomy of reptiles includes many more subdivisions and also should include the bird. For practical reasons we give a simplified version here.



Reptilia – Reptiles                                             Class

Anapsida                                                                   Subclass

Testudines  – Turtles                                                             Order
    Cheloniidae - Sea Turtles                                                      Family
    Chelydridae - Snapping Turtles    
    Emydidae - Pond, Box and Water Turtles
    Testudinidae -
Tortoises                                                       Family

Archosauria - Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, Birds                    Subclass

Crocodilia - Crocodiles                                                             Order
     Crocodylidae - Real Crocodiles                                               Family
     Alligatoridae - Alligators and Caimans                                      Family
     Gavialidae - Gharials                                                            Family

Ornithischia - Bird hipped dinosaurs                                       (Superorder)
Ornithopoda                                                                           (Order)
     Hadrosauridae - Duckbilled dinosaurs                                       Family

a - Lizard hipped dinosaurs                                        (Superorder)
Theropoda                                                                             (Order)
     Tyrannosauridae                                                                  Family
    Aves - Birds
in a modern systematics you would find the birds in this place as for example the crocodiles are more closely related to the birds than to any other living reptile group.
But for the sake of a clearer arrangement and easier use we follow the common usage to treat the birds as a class of their own.

Lepidosauria                                                               Subclass

Squamata - Lizards and Snakes                                                  Order

Sauria - Lizards                                                                        Suborder
     Helodermatidae - Beaded Lizards
     Lacertidae - Lizards                                                               Family
     Anguidae - Slow worms, Glass lizards                                        Family
     Iguanidae - Iguanas                                                              Family
     Chamaeleonidae - Chameleons                                                 Family
     Agamidae - Agamids                                                               Family
     Gekkonidae - Geckos                                                              Family
     Varanidae - Monitor lizards                                                      Family

Amphisbaenia - Worm Lizards             
     Amphisbaenidae - Snake-Lizards                                               Family

Serpentes - Snakes
     Boidae - Boids                                                                         Family
    Elapidae - Elapids                                                                    Family
    Viperidae - Vipers                                                                    Family
    Crotalidae - Pitvipers                                                                Family
    Colubridae - Colubrids                                                               Family
    Atractaspididae - Mole Vipers