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January 2019
In case you are interested to hear about how this website and database on provings and substances has developed, there
 is an one hour's interview on Kelly Callahans podcast site 1 M, covering many homeopathic subjects from the provings database up to the current political situation that is influencing homeopathy worldwide. You can watch it here:

Kelly Callahans podcast site 1 M

August 2018

During the last weeks I had to limit the work on provings.info to the current new entries, because I put the available time into the FreeWiki project, with which an encyclopedia of those topics is to be created, in which among other subjects, homeopathy can be represented in a factually appropriate and fair way.
To all who read this, a warm invitation: Participate and about those topics on which you have knowledge. Help me build a fair alternative to Wikipedia. (If you are not familiar with the problem of alternative medical methods with Wikipedia, read here or watch the film "The dark side of Wikipedia" (German language).

April 2018
The number of remedies that are listed and systematized in our database has now exceeded 8300, while we can name the manufacturer for almost 8000 of them. Of these remedies more than 2300 have been proved (5900 sources given).
As we are making an effort to reach completeness regarding remedies in use as well as remedy provings, we appreciate every hint for sources that we have not found yet.

December 2017
Provings.info has got some new layouts and elements: the menu is simpler and clearer now, there are a few introductory videos, and I have started a blog "homeopathy and the world".

End of February 2017
Finished! Having integrated all data of Bradford´s Index to Provings and of the 6th Vol. of Allen´s Encyclopedia we can now assume that nearly all provings until 1900 are available in our database. The major number of them being available online through the collections of Allen and Hughes that are linked completely. There may be one or the other proving hidden in some old magazine that even Bradford and Allen didn´t know in their days; but therefore these provings have stayed unknown and have not become part of our Materia medica yet. Nevertheless it would be important to find and incorporate them. Therefore I offer one week of free subscription for each new proving that you find and can name with full source information or link.

February 2017
The quickly rising number of entries about provings does not indicate so many new provings, but is due to the inclusion of Bradford´s Index, which is the collection of all provings done until 1900.  
As there are many identities of remedies to be clarified, the completion has taken some time.
Please keep in mind that the links to Bradford to not lead to texts that are available online, but are mere literary quotes. Nevertheless I found it important to include them to be able to see directly whether there has ever been a proving done on a certain remedy or not.
Under the link given for Bradford, you will now find a complete and carefully annotated version of his Index, clarifying many outdated or wrong remedy names, that are often still to be found throughout homeopathic literature, in computer programmes and even in pharmacies, with no clear identity. 
So this is the first time that Bradford´s Index to Provings is available with a complete annotation indicating understandable and correct names of the remedies.

January 2017
Remedies for which we don´t know any manufacturer are now seperately listed as well as remedies with an unclear identity. You will find those lists under menu points "Manufacturers" and "Substances Introduction". Any advice greatly appreciated.

November 2016
We have just added more than 300 directly online linked provings of Jan Scholten, which up to now have only been mentioned as literature sources. Scholten is running a new website Qjure.com since quite some time, which makes all his texts directly accessible after registration. Our database is now completely linking his provings to Qjure. (But please note, that you have to register, before being able to read.)

June 2016
The completion of our list of remedies is drawing near. With more than 7000 manufactured remedies we probably name most of all homeopathic remedies that are being produced worldwide. Even though completeness can never made absolute, we hope to reach a point soon, where our remedy list will be able to tell you quite reliably whether a remedy can be obtained or not.

February 2016
In the meantime the inclusion of the remedy supply of Helios has been finished as well as that of Remedia, Freeman´s, Gudjons, Enzian and DHU. With 6600 remedies and 2000 proved ones the extension of our data collection takes big steps further.
The collection of literature for materia medica and cases could also be greatly extended by adding the 620 articles of publisher Narayana`s online magazine Interhomeopathy.org.

October 2015
Thanks to a generous gift of collected bibliographic data by Dr. Peter König, Austria, we are very happy to be able to present a bibliography for 1000 remedies now, with 8000 references to Materia medica and case reports. This material will be greatly extended during the next few months, especially with regard to links and online literature.

September 2015
By now we are able to provide the number of 5000 homeopathic remedies in our database and thus come a step nearer to reach the aim of a comprehensive list of remedies from all important manufacturers in the English- and German-speaking countries. We hope to get there within one more year.
Apart from this we will shortly be able to provide a new rubric of information: Sources for Materia medica and cases.

June 2014
Currently our work on the database consists in additions of manufacturers of mostly rare remedies. We already have completely included the animal remedies of several important manufacturers and are now concentrating on completing the plant remedies. Doing this we will also include many new and rare plants that are provided in homeopathic potencies, but where there are no provings still. Yet we consider the information as useful enough to include them in the database. So as a practicioner you have the possibility to see all available remedies of a certain group with their manufacturers. This can be very useful when working with the systematic approach.

September 2013
After the extensive Implementation of older provings we have now systematically included more than two hundred, mostly new plant remedies from the book "Sense Provings" by Jan Scholten, and added as literary source. Soon there will an Online-Version of these provings on Scholten`s Website, which we will link to our site immediately. Until then we will have to suffice with the book.
Scholten´s provings of these new plants are very short most of them, but he explains the reasons for his methodology in detail in his book. In our database these provings are marked as special methods and can be chosen seperately like all other proving methods.

July 2013
The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by T.F.Allen is now linked completely in the database of provings.info (except Vol. 6). Now you can find 3400 remedies in their natural systematic position and 2695 entries on remedy provings with their exact source, the most comprehensive collection of provings that we ever had.

June 2013
We have now started to include the provings from T.F. Allen´s Encyclopdia as well, as they are available online now. In case you are generally interested, please look here. In the near future you will find first some, then many, then most of them integrated into the database. (In case you know of an online representation of the 6th volume, please tell me, as it is still missing.)

Nov. 2012
Currently we are completely renewing the pages on taxonomy. You will find in the lower left side menu pages with basic information about the natural kingdoms from animals to imponderables, as well as an introduction and a special search function for systematics. Up to now you would find informative texts and schemes, which were only rudimentarily linked with each other and with the main family search.
These pages will now be actualized and linked well, so that you can "click" yourself easily from there directly to the search level and find the systematical place of your remedy and its close relations.
Under animals you can already view how this will look like and work. More to follow soon.
As our book "The Natural System of Remedies" is not up to date any more and will not be reissued anymore due to the enormous amount of new material, this website shall replace it completely. Because many colleagues would rather see the taxonomy on paper in front of them than clicking through lists on a screen, I am going to provide the explanations and lists on taxonomy in pdf format, so that they can be downloaded and printed out for the personal use of the subscribers.

Oct. 2012
Maybe you haven´t noticed yet: For more than 200 remedies we offer a summary, which condenses the major features of the remedy so to see quickly whether it could be the wanted one and whether it is worthwile to read the whole text.

Oct. 2011
Next to the systematic notes and provings during the last time we have put more emphasis on the manufacturers. And we are happy to present one or more manufacturers for more than 90 % of the remedies listed.

July 2011
Languages: There are now more than 30 provings in languages different from English or German, for example in French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Slovakian or Dutch. You can now chose all languages seperately in the "Search Provings" menu. And if you have proving material in any language you are invited to send it and have it published here.

Jan. 2011
We are very happy to announce a new cooperation with the large repertory programs Complete Dynamics, Radar Opus and  MacRepertory (latest versions each). You will find next to many other innovations a function that takes you with one click on any remedy abbreviation right into this website provings.info, and here exactly to the correct substance with systematics and provings (which you can immediately read in case you have subscribed).

Jan. 2010
For those who read German language there are now toxicological information of very high quality. On more than 120 substance pages (German version only, change language in the top right corner) you find a "Tox-Info" button, that takes you to a page that has generously been provided by Dr. Johann J. Kleber who has co-authored the large toxicological database of the Toxicological Department of the Medical Clinic in Munich.

We are very happy to announce a new cooperation with MacRepertory: in Version 8.0 of this repertorisation program which is just on the start, you will find next to many other innovations a function that takes you with one click on any remedy abbreviation in rubrics or graphs right into this website, and here exactly to the correct substance with systematics and provings.
For information about MacRep click on the big K on the side of this page.

A picture says more than a thousand words. This is especially true for an holistic understanding of remedies. Therefore we will now present next to systematics and provings also substance pictures. Please click on the thumbnail pictures in the substance view, if you wish to see them.
This is a large project, and we have found photographs for around 10% of our remedies up to now. If you want to contribute good remedy pictures, you can send them to me as mail attachment with max. width of 800 px. Your copyright will of course be mentioned. For excellent photographs I wish to thank:
Jürgen Weiland, www.pflanzenportraits.com
Brita Gudjons, www.gudjons.com

Please support this project with your suggestions and criticism.