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Introduction into Taxonomy

he systematics of natural kingdoms which are the basis for homeopathic remedies, is following different structures that have been developed by the respective sciences. For a database that has the only end to present remedies clearly arranged and practical, we had to simplify and unify the systematics.


animate kingdoms:


      Animalia – Animals

      Plantae – Plants

      Fungi – Fungi

      Protista – Protists


      Monera – Bacteria

inanimate kingdoms:

      Viri – Viruses

      Mineralia – Minerals

Imponderabilia Fields of Energy

The systematics of minerals is build for practical reasons on the structural basis of the periodical system and the common chemical classifications. The other systematics follow the common zoological and botanical taxonomy, which has partly been simplified, where a further differentiation would not serve the understanding of relations between the remedies. Alternative taxonomies are mentioned in the acompanying text.

Please note that within all systematic lists or overviews you are being show the taxonomical level (family, order, class, phylum) as a little label as soon as you pass the cursor over the term.

Apart from the plant- and animal-families which are in medical use, we have included some other families and orders to point out the further relationships.

Actually the taxonomy is rarely complete, since this is not accessible in a database just for homeopathic reference. The taxonomical levels used are:


Kingdom - eg. Plantae, plants
Division - eg. Molluscs
Class - eg. Birds
Subclass - eg. Magnoliidae
Order - eg. Ranunculales
Family - eg. Ranunculaceae
Species - eg. Hydrastis canadensis - (Hydr)

with: german name and: / english name: Kanadische Gelbwurz / Golden Seal