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rovings.info is a specialized database for classification, remedy provings and substances in homeopathy.

In FreeWiki you will find general information about homeopathy and also about research and scientific studies on homeopathy.

This database currently includes
                                  8663 single remedies in their natural systematic position
                                  6139 entries on remedy provings with their exact source
                                          (more than half of them with direct link to the text)
                                                          related to 2446 proved remedies.    (see News !)
                                                    10083 references to literature for 1397 remedies.
                                                                         and is constantly being extended.


The Substance Search enables you to find any homeopathically used or manufactured substance with its latin, english (or german) name or parts of that name.

The Taxonomy Search finds the families, orders, classes etc that the remedies belong to. The homeopathic substances of that family are listed and a link is given to lead you to the proving, or information on where you can acquire the proving.

If you enter the site via the kingdoms (terms on the left side under “Systematics”) you find introductions and many taxonomic diagrams, from where you can click through the systematic structure.

With the Provings Search you can choose remedy provings* after different criteria (author, language, time, substance, family) and be shown the exact source. Most of the provings are directly linked, so that you can read the original proving text with just one more click. For example you can find all of Hahnemann´s provings this way.

The support page will explain exactly how to search and use the database options.

Please note our News page which tracks back the steps of developing the website like a blog and invites you to see new information.

The yearly subscription fee to be able to afford the further work on the database and to update it regularly, is 25 Euro.
If you register newly now, you can
log in freely for a day to get an impression of it. From then on the access to the protected part of the website is only possible if you decide for a subscription.
In case you want to find out whether there is a proving of a certain remedy, before you register or decide for a subscription, you can do this with help of the alphabetical lists (menu: Remedies /Substances A-Z). Only for those remedies that carry a link button in the column on the right, there is a proving.
Access to the first level of texts and lists will stay free as well as the provings that are hosted on this website itself. To see these, please click here.

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Important Information   

* For the sake of homeopathic tradition we are using on this website, as it is common in literature as well, the term "homoeopathic provings" or just "provings". These are not pharmacological provings in the modern sense of the word but self trials and experiences that are conducted by homoeopaths on themselves and on their own responsibility. The provings are done according to a particular protocol and are evaluated systematically following certain rules.
For these trials, with very few exceptions, there are only substances being used which are homoeopathically triturated and - according to the chemical model - contain no traces of the original matter (C 12 or higher)

The content of the remedy provings is meant exclusively for study purposes of homeopaths and are not at all intended to help or direct or influence patients regarding their medical treatment or self-treatment. No statement on these pages can or should replace medical treatment. Please consult your therapist, homeopath or doctor in charge.