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List of remedies

The list is ordered after the latin names. You can see the source of the provings by clicking on the button in the column “provings”. If this says “LINK” or “PDF”, the proving is available as a file and can be read directly – either on a different website (link) or on this one (pdf). If it says “BOOK”, the proving is not available as a file but only as a book and the exact literary source is given.

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Wachendorfia thyrsiflora
Wache-th Haemodoraceae
Wahlenbergia hederacea
Ivy-leaved bellflower
Wahl-h Campanulaceae
Warfar Herbicida, Pesticida et Toxica alia
Synthetic Drugs
Watsonia pillansii
Bugle lily
Wats-p Iridaceae
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Weberocereus biolleyi
Weber-b Cactaceae
Weigela florida
Weig-f Caprifoliaceae
Weinmannia rutenbergii
Weinm-r Cunoniaceae
Welwitschia mirabilis
Welw-m Welwitschiaceae
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Welwitschia mirabilis e radice
Welwitschia root
Welw-m-r Welwitschiaceae
Werauhia singuliflora
Wera-s Bromeliaceae
Wercklea cocleana
Werck-c Malvaceae
West Nile Virus equi Vaccinum
West Nile Equine Vaccine
WNV-Vacc Flaviviridae
Westringia amabilis
Westr-a Labiatae/ Lamiaceae
Whisk other industrial products
Whitfieldia elongata
Whitf-e Acanthaceae
Wiesbaden Aqua
Spring near Wiesbaden in Germany
Wies Aquae mineraliae
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Wigandia urens
Stinging tree
Wigan-u Hydrophyllaceae
Wildbad Aqua
Springs at Wildbad in Wurtemberg, Germany
Wild Aquae mineraliae
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Wisteria sinensis
Chinese wisteria
Wist-s Leguminosae/ Fabaceae/ Papilionaceae
Withania somnifera
Indian ginseng
With-s Solanaceae
Wollemia nobilis
Wollem Araucariaceae
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Woodfordia fruticosa
Fire flame bush
Woodf-f Lythraceae
Woodwardia unigemmata
Jeweled Chain Fern
Wood-u Blechnaceae
Wrightia religiosa
Wild Water Plum
Wrigh-r Apocynaceae
Wulfenia carinthiaca
Wulf-c Scrophulariaceae
Wyethia helenoides
Poison Weed
Wye Asteraceae/ Compositae
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